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A great advantage of the Šilainė Resort is regional Lithuanian cuisine, valued throughout Poland for its unique taste qualities. Homemade cold cuts, chenaki, cepelins, cooler, real house cheese - this is only a small part of what we declare visitors.

During meals, freshly ground coffee from the pressure machine is available to our guests. We prepare gala dinners with an individual menu and all special events.

in the form of a Swedish table
Summer Minibar
Fresh fish and cold beer

Bread Baking Show

600 PLN for group

For groups larger and smaller, we organize an educational course on baking traditional sourdough bread in a wood-burning oven. Participants are active at every stage of the process, and after baking, they take the loaves they created.

Chokrer baking show

The price and date are set individually.

From rubbing butter to baking itself. Each participant of the show explores knowledge about the king of cakes — the knocker (or baumkuchen). Tasty attraction for small and large.

Celebrating moments at a common table

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Special events in the tent

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Barbecue arbors

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